Mercedes Benz Axor | Patch 1.7.1


Hello, my friend. At the end of Danz his axoru 1.7.1 and six versions
of the stimulus was one of the very good news. Any mercedes and does
not replace the original mercedes interior. Namely, the properties ;

– 1.7.1 and six compatibility
– The Original Mercedes-Benz Interior
– Engine Options
– Chassis and cab options
– Renklendireilir skin and can be done

AU4 , Indomable


3 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Axor | Patch 1.7.1

  1. GoGA_krawa

    good mod !
    can u make mod for mercedes benz 1838 ?
    contact me at [email protected]

  2. I do not see that it changes the mod Danz ??

  3. Who re published this same mod? This site? Why?

    Danz and Indomable

    Thx for mod but…

    if [r e a l l y] is for 1.7.1, why the format (pmg files) is outdated?

    I guess you both forgot this – Analise the game.log.txt in Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\

    SCS change the format in 1.4 – a long timne ago.

    IMPORTANT: This can cause muuuuuuuch lags in the game, mainly to TSM and traffic mods.

    I hope in next version you can 1)make side skirt for 4×2 and 6×2/4 and 2)a normal/bigger list of engines, plz. (plus can be skins 😉

    Images and log:

    I think this truck will be awesome after that

    thx again

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