Mercedes Benz Axor Ultimate Mod Update

Mercedes Benz Axor (1) Mercedes Benz Axor (2)

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NEW! Added laytmaska in the cabin are the same as the outside mirrors, metallic added, making it easier and Archives fashion model!

– Fixed the previous version
– New Discs
– New Interior
– Powerful lights
– Chassis options
– Small mirror (F2)
– New Computer
– Transmission Options
– 3 cab variants
– New v8 lights
– Many parameters of the engine
– Each tool is not a replacement for the default
– Mercedes interior chamber
– Mercedes This Logo
– Plug new audio and mechanisms
– NOTE: included in the basic mode.

Authors: Danz, Kaptan_38, Shumi


6 Responses to Mercedes Benz Axor Ultimate Mod Update

  1. Reece says:

    Could we see a video of this modification?

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Have not Modifications… Is standart Axor !
    Test Video on v.…

    here is the Modifications Video…

  3. Dado-J says:

    I do not know what that version of the game but to me (, when you want to run mode, the game crashes. Please answer what to do about it.
    I have an earlier mode and it worked the 1.17.1s great.
    Thank you in advance.

  4. jhon says:

    Why do not you build the real interior for axor?

  5. pandatruck161288 says:

    please upgrade this mod this 1.26 version

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