Mercedes Benz Axor

Mercedes-Benz-Axor-1 Mercedes-Benz-Axor-2

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Mercedes Benz Axor Truck
Tested 1.10.x version

Authors: Danz, eyyup


15 Responses to Mercedes Benz Axor

  1. petronny says:

    nothing is new here. the old interior, the mercedes sign is missing. turkish ####!

  2. eyyup says:

    Sorry petronny,but i am not pro and this was my first truck edit and my first edit on Euro Truck Simulator 2.Please be respectly!

  3. eyyup says:

    And you mustn’t use my mod.Who’s wants they can use my mod!

  4. petronny says:

    sorry but this one is not your mod. And yes, we are so full from swindler and liar…And yes I don’t use this mod. This mod is nothig special

  5. eyyup says:

    it’s not interesting me if you use it or not.okay I don’t say it’s full my mod I did write it on credits.

  6. Hotrodder says:

    Petronny bro, you dont have to use it. but you should respect people’s work, even if you think its “####”. they put a lot of effort into making these things, and for a first this isnt that bad. also I dont see you releasing anything, if you think you can do it better, prove it.

  7. petronny says:

    sorry but this mod is not your mod. it is a turkish ####. we have 1000x mercedes axor & co. mods but nothig is new and special. also, please comming with something new and meaningful. nobody need here the 1001x mercedes axor mod that he doesnt have the correct interior and sign. leck mich! 🙂

  8. Danos says:

    I think petronny is right. No one needs many mods mercedes with the same features. And besides this I do not find anything new here, made so everything is taken from somewhere else and somehow stitch here that seem to be a way.

  9. Danos says:

    Show you here!

    It is the same Mod!

  10. eyyup says:

    I can show you Danos if when i have do this mod when you want.I have find my mod in my archive and than i thinked I can share it here and then on wednesdey I did share it.

  11. petronny says:

    I don’t beleave you eyyup. Please, make a special good Mod and only then come again. Then I look to me your Mod and we talk about this.

  12. eyyup says:

    I’m not going to make a new mod petronny now because I don’t have time for this.But my second mod which i’m going to make,es wird etwas geiles :).Ich war auch bisschen agressiv ich weiss aber bitte wenn es dir nicht gefällt sag das bisschen anderst und sag nicht mehr Turkish ####, weil ich das rassistisch finde.(important:sorry moderators that i spoked german but i can not say this on english 🙂 )

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