Mercedes Benz Axor+Addons Update v5


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Adapted new version working cabin accessory dlc
bug fixed ”sideskirt,etc.”
added skinable new cabs
skin by:Elitesquad Modz&Ahmet Can Sevinç
DO NOT RE-UPLOAD!!! respect plase
Have fun!!!



14 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Axor+Addons Update v5

  1. 1080p Review + 15 Eur Giveaway!!

    More info in video description!!

    Thank you for your support!

  2. Bad mod. This is old version of truck. Log is red,

  3. First of all, scs-file of mod contains the same file, so it two times bigger. A lot of errors
    Внутри scs-файла лежит еще один точно такой-же, реальный размер мода в два раза меньше. ЛОГ-красный, много ошибок

  4. Real bad mod! Cab wrong. And poor texture

  5. If you are don’t like , don’t download. We are Turkish. My English is very bad. sorryy 😀

  6. mate its a very good truck dont worry about what some people say i like it good work thank you very much

  7. Mod is very good(thx for “Aze”)

  8. egemen barış çetin

    Niksarlı birde frigo türker dorse yapsan schmitz on numara olucak

    1. Elitesquad Modz

      Senin için yapabileceğim! Arama ama Schmitz römork dışarı!

  9. FragmaniaGame
  10. So good !!!

  11. unfortunely, miss skins like Black red mercedes or axor etc …..

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