Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate

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This is a new Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate!

1 Mercedes Interior
Original Mercedes Benz Wheels
HD Mercedes Logo
2 Engines
1 Cabin
1 Chassis
1 Gearbox

– If you want to reupload this mod use only my original download link:

VS Mods, Metin Tınaz


13 Responses to Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate

  1. SheerSquirrelTV says:

    This is obviously not a C-class estate. This is a CLS estate. Please make sure you understand makes and models before posting a mod.

  2. BrianK says:

    Nice car…but would be better to have it for GTA V…
    Because it’s Trucking game….

  3. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.31…

  4. edsor says:

    Horrible plagiarism of Skoda number 10052 (the day you make a car that serves to download I can not believe)

    • EJ20 says:

      Question. How do you manage to find out if a car has a Skoda Basemodel? Because I’d really like to know for future references ^^

  5. Metin Tınaz says:

    its my car ! Why edit ? :@

  6. hans says:

    thats a CLS shootingbrake lol –

    • EJ20 says:

      >>A shooting-brake is a car body style that has evolved through several distinct meanings over its history.

      “Shooting-brake” originated as an early 19th century British term[1] for a vehicle used to carry shooting parties[2] with their equipment and game. The etymology of the term brake is uncertain;[3] initially a chassis used to break in horses, and subsequently used to describe a motorized vehicle. It is also possible, that the word ‘brake’ has its origins in the Dutch word ‘brik’ which means ‘cart’ or ‘carriage’.[citation needed]

      The term was later applied to custom-built wagons by high-end coachbuilders and subsequently became synonymous with a station wagon or estate car.[4][5][6][7][8]

      In contemporary usage, the term shooting-brake has broadened to include a range of vehicles from five-door station wagons — to three-door models combining features of a wagon and a coupé.

      In 2006, The New York Times said the shooting-brake was conceived “to take gentlemen on the hunt with their firearms and dogs.”[9] and “although [its] glory days came before World War II, and it has faded from the scene in recent decades, the body style is showing signs of a renaissance as automakers seek to invent (or reinvent) new kinds of vehicles for consumers constantly on the hunt for the next new thing.”[9]

      In 2014, Lawrence Ulrich of the New York Times said the shooting-brake is “essentially a two-door station wagon.”[10]<< -Wikipedia

      TL;DR: Shooting brakes are Wagons with two doors instead of 4!

  7. TheDiscoverer says:

    Video with this mod (HD) :

  8. chenjung says:

    Nice mod!! I like it.

    But why the cars dont gear up??? Always in gear 1 … O.o ? WTF?

  9. O.O says:

    i cant download the mod

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