Mercedes Benz Jetbus 2017

New Jetbus 2017
– Xenon Lights
– Wifi on board
– Windows 8 GPS Navigation
– Full HD Textures
– Good Turbo Sounds
– 4 Engines
– 2 Tyres
– 1 Chassis


MWorks, MishardMod Works 2017


5 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Jetbus 2017

  1. jorgent97

    very old mod

    1. favore quando fatte un bus iveco o un menarini hello

  2. Wifi on Board, good idea.. Modders please try create mobile phones in the game, and ETS2 will be 100% realistic game 😀

  3. Where to buy?

  4. emekaedeh

    I like this car

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