Mercedes Benz LP-331 v 1.0


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Good evening.
Provided an update of Mercedes Benz LP-331, V1.0. With several new features and fixes.
Tested in version 1.22

JbArtMods hug

JbArtMods (João Batista)


21 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz LP-331 v 1.0

  1. Truckbaehr


  2. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на Русском

  3. Mega link working nicely here, no error!
    Thanks João Batista for this amazing truck

  4. do you have a template?

    1. JoaoBatista

      I believe so, but the progress of the mod creation will surjindo modifications according to the specific mod.

      1. can you send 1 template for slepping cab wiht the small windows is just for my self so i can make my own name on the dor?

        and ist a Great truck good job

        i have a suggest you to built one

      2. oki but can send me the template for the sleppercab wiht the smal windows it is only for privat use

        and great mod

        1. JoaoBatista

          Are you referring to the model? the model was I who did it, if that.

          1. yes the green one

        2. JoaoBatista

          Sends me a message at face

  5. JoaoBatista

    I forgot to mention, see my page and follow the news to come.

  6. great work
    may i suggest you to built one of the greatest trucks ever in german history.üssing+900&ie
    would be real cool to drive this monster in ets :o)
    greets wolfen

  7. Truckbaehr

    20x test MEGA dowlod, 20x crash downlod

    1. JoaoBatista

      Have you tried using google chrome?

  8. Truckbaehr

    Thanks João Batista for this amazing truck!!!
    Download OK! Google+MEGA download 100%
    No Freenet+Mega
    This Truck is SUPER!!!

    1. JoaoBatista

      thank you

  9. Googlefluff

    Great mod! My only problem is that I feel that having your name on the dashboard in big chrome letters takes a way from it a little. I already downloaded the mod, no need to advertise 😛 That and no license plates.

  10. Costel TT


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