Mercedes Benz LS 1519-1525 brasilian 1.26

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Thoroughly redesigned version of events the Brazilian Mercedes Rundhauber, is produced in Germany in different versions from 1959 to 1996 (!) Years.
Early and late cabin, two variants each.
Engines 192 and 250 hp
12 interior options, DLC Cabin.
Metallic tuning.
An early version of the truck as a whole is similar to the European, if someone from respected modders my hand and refined design of the cabin, then we would have
legendary classic tractor 60-hour period. In my opinion, the author did not prohibit alterations.
tested on version 1.26

Joao Battista Oliveira


8 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz LS 1519-1525 brasilian 1.26

  1. vieo test

  2. old mod with errors and no improvements for 1.26. should be removed asap! from respect to the author…

    1. JoaoBatista

      But what are you talking about !!!

  3. JoaoBatista

    And as such I did not prohibit the change. If they think it is wrong because they do not make their own mod the way they think it is best !!!

  4. well Joao, your initial mod is locked, I still have it 🙂 so you don’t allow changes…
    however your trucks used to be nice in 1.25 but now in 1.26 are all full of errors, are you planning maybe to update them yourself? thanks

    1. JoaoBatista

      I would like to help me solve these mistakes, alone it becomes more difficult.

  5. paulojose1232

    olá voce,baixei o mod em.

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