Mercedes Benz Mega Mod v2.0


New update from Mega Mod
Low Deck and terrain change at Mercedes
For v1.8.2.5 version

Credits: Moders Team Poland


15 Responses to Mercedes Benz Mega Mod v2.0

  1. ursturbo says:

    Great mod!Works on and T.S.M 4.5.6, Jazzycat trailer and other mod!thank you!

  2. Threassaw says:

    Moders Team Poland are the best ^^

  3. damien says:

    Sa marche pas, j’ais mis les deux fichiers, avec la maj, mais marche pas..

  4. dimitri says:

    You can also make the cross renault magnum with me plz
    or the link of the cross plz

  5. ash says:

    stupid question but, how do you use the rigid chassis’s?

    Also fantastic mod.

  6. Truck driver robin says:

    I really like this mod 😀 good job guys !!! i would love to see the same mod with scania or daf ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GR from holland

  7. barcelonista says:

    best MB mod ever!!
    author can you send me templates for these models..or can i just use the same for original majestic models?! thanks..

  8. Karl says:

    I found one of the best mod’s truck so far!
    Congratulations! Excellent!

  9. Tech-E says:

    Just excellent, all big problem from previous version are fixed + stand alone and no imcompatibility problem with other tandem mod, very good work

  10. Jonas says:

    Now for Scania please 😮

  11. muita says:

    This all i have been waiting for. This the new MB cabin with high ground clearance and front sump guard. Its sooo remarkable with rear axles exposed and instead fitted with mud guards. Exellent,exellent guys.
    keep up. This now is the stock Mercedes Benz Actros 3340,3344,3348 and 3350 variants all with 6×4 axles and cabin sitting higher.
    paul, Nrb

  12. muita says:

    i have tried this mod but unfortunately it does not work with the right hand drive. I was adviced to purchase a right hand model then install this mod. That i did by traveling all the way to newcastle and or Plymoth to purchase the right hand mercedes actros mp3. I did not work and has not work and is instead running the default mp3.
    Am requesting the moders of this patch to rectify whatever the problem so that it will work on right hand drive. Otherwise it will be too selfish for this modder to not include the right hand driver side which I hope is nnot the case.
    I have been running well with it but having to always drive from the left which am not used to at all.
    Has the mod guys seen this error???????

  13. Rayhan says:

    Rak ONO BOX e!!!! U Pekok
    There is no box on tandem chassis

  14. paul says:

    upto now you guys, wheres the right hand side of this m
    truck? wheres the twin roof horns? wheres the low roof cabin? can you rework it again? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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