Mercedes-Benz MP1 (1997) ETS2 v1.46.x+

Autonomous, does not replace anything, bought from Mercedes.
Your own salon.
There is support for steering wheel settings – these are positions up and down, forward and backward.
It has 3 wiper modes.
Rich in its not great tuning.
Each engine has its own nameplate.
6 chassis and 1 cab.
There are accessories in the cockpit and toys from STEAM.
Has a personal, calibrated camera.

Last change:
Fully converted model for new versions. (SCS Blender Tools).
Fully optimized model, all errors and crashes removed.
Multiplayer mode enabled.
Fixed the display of side mirrors.
Dashboard has been fixed.
Fixed work of on-board computer and GPS navigation.
Engines have 2 modes – 1) without fan sound (No Fan) and 2) with fan sound (Fan).
Gearshift sounds present.
Aesthetically improved appearance of the truck.
The window tinting has been reduced to a minimum.
The diameter of the steering column has been increased to standard. (as in life)
Optimized FPS in the interior.
Improved and optimized physics of all truck chassis.
Updated in dealer, company and truck gallery.
The game log is now 100% (percent) clean.

Test on ETS2 version:

Author: SOLARIS36.
Conversion author: @[email protected]
Improvements and bug fixes: @[email protected]

DOWNLOAD 128 MB [mirror]

3 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz MP1 (1997) ETS2 v1.46.x+

  1. tutomu kimura

    it is stolen mods.

    1. Roberto D.

      Proof or it didn’t happen. Otherwise, please stop spamming.

  2. The mod doesnt work perfectly, when i go outside with camera and moving mouse left and right there’s a black screen covering all the truck..

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