Mercedes Benz MP4 1.22


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– 4×2,6×2/4, all chassis
– Low extensive
– Extensive extensive (front and rear)
– Sunshield Chrom
– Fuel tank chrom
– Little tuning
– Various changes


DOWNLOAD 29 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 29 MB [uploadfiles]

3 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz MP4 1.22

  1. salut
    ça bugg sur version 1.22 2 6s d’ailleurs cette mise à jour est une catastrophe

  2. mikehackenbacker

    excellent truck,would love to see rjl scania like this,love the black windows.just one thing though not so low as you scrape the front when you go over speed humps or come off the ferry.i am still going to rate this as ten out of ten as its my style of truck

  3. where to install this??

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