Mercedes-Benz MP4 Blue Dashboard


Blue dashboard lights for Mercedes-Benz MP4.
Testes on 1.22
If you have any requests / suggestions, write them down in the comments.

SCS, OhmanGaming


7 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz MP4 Blue Dashboard

  1. thanks a lot good mod i love Actros, can you made in others colors please

      1. sorry leftergr the mod you tell me is good but dont have the quality of OhmanGaming and change the color to all the trucks thanks anyway
        sorry for my english is not my native lenguage

  2. OhmanGaming

    If you want any specific color for dashboard lights, just tell me. 🙂

    1. ok many thanks if you can please do it in brown like mazda cars and in red but not so strong red thanks again really
      thanks to you and all moders the game is lot better whith the mods

      1. OhmanGaming

        I will upload it today. 🙂

        1. ok thanks Ohman

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