Mercedes Benz MP4 Orange Dashboard Lights


Orange dashboard for Mercedes-Benz MP4.
Tested on 1.22.X
Do not reupload!
If you have any suggestions / requests, write them down in the comments. 🙂

SCS, OhmanGaming


7 Responses to Mercedes Benz MP4 Orange Dashboard Lights

  1. noune45 says:

    est il possible d’allumer l’autoradio svp

  2. nburotto says:

    Thank a lot Ohman you are great doing this things.
    Ohman you now how to do a truck skin for new actros???

  3. nburotto says:

    i want to ask you a big favor can you do a skin for new actros whith the flag of my coutry but i want to cover all the truck and have the mercedes logo whith bety boop jus only if you can and have the time i will be very gratefull, if you can do i can send you some ideas for e-mail if you can give me your e-mail if you cant do it i understend don worry because im very happy using all your dashboard colors mods i change evry day the color.
    thanks for all and continue you good and hard work

  4. nburotto says:

    if you want you can send me an e-mail whith the answer to [email protected] or give me the answer here but please give me the answer

  5. janck says:

    Hello! Your work is fantastic. Can you do a green dashboard for Volvo FH 2012 like Mercedes MP4 for?

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