Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

The mod has the following features (more in the future):
Version 1.0
– 2 Cabins + Edition1
– 14 chassis variants
– 7 engines
– 8 transmission
– 4 interior variants
– many tuning options
– Truck in AI
– Quick Jobs

Harald-RS, Wolli2017, Truckjunkie3d, ActrosMP3, DP Design, Dennis_Grelak


32 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz New Actros 2019 by Actros 5 Crew

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.38…

  2. Hey. Can you guys add 6-speed gearbox ?

  3. Działa też na wersji 1.37 czy tylko na 1.38

    1. na 1.37 jest dużo błędów, ale da się jeździć

  4. not showing gear leaver in the cabin plus can you make it Right hand drive as well please and not Just left hand drive

  5. Sorry ich werde sie nicht verwenden sie ist zu verschlüsselt unbrauchbar
    Ich möchte sehen was drin ist und den für mich anpassen
    Auf Grund von Viren Gefahr

    Sorry I will not use it is too encrypted unusable
    I want to see what’s inside and adjust it for me
    Danger due to viruses

    1. what the hell u going on about

  6. Hi

    This is my review Video


  7. Can you please make it lite on fps for low and medium end pc… massive fps drop for me in cockpit view. Also a drop when tuning the truck.

    1. I’ve even got a memory crash on a 16Go Ram + 4go ram graphic bad very bad

  8. link nie działa

    1. can we have that in English please

      1. he said “link not working”

  9. Funktioniert+leider+nicht+der+link

  10. link’s dead

  11. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.38…

  12. Thibault Bertrand

    Want this mod while hoping it will be v1.37 compatible but the Sharemod link is dead

    1. Go visit the SCS forum to get the last news

  13. this link funktional not


  15. last test here Working ..
    Have a good time

  16. Hey, The download link doesn’t work anymore … is there another way to download the mod ?

    1. You are god man, thanks a lot!

  17. Please fix the fps drop and the game is crashing so much!!!

  18. link don’t work file not found

  19. emadhaddad

    File Not Found

  20. ten mod to JEDEN WIELKI SMIECH NA SALI takie błędy i lagi FPS nie wyrabia a z drugiej strony model zajebisty ale żałosne ze strony twórców

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