Mercedes Benz O303

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Bilgilendirme:V2’de Modifiye Parçaları Ve Yeni Detaylar Eklenecektir Beklemede Kalın.Bu Arada Modda Bazı Hatalar Olabilir Onları Görürseniz Aldırış Etmeyin 😀

1) Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40 ve 1.41) Versiyonu İle Uyumludur.
2) Kendine Özel Skinleri Mevcuttur.
3) Orjinal İnterior Mevcuttur.
4) Kabin Aksesuarları Ve SiSL’s Mega Pack Uyumluluğu Mevcuttur.
5) Kendine Özel Jantı Ve Lastikleri Vardır.
6) Orjinal Motor Sesi Mevcuttur.(OM442)
7) Bağımsızdır (Standalone).

Otobüste Bulunan Animasyonlar;
-Far Kolu Animasyonu.
-Sinyal Kolu Animasyonu.
-Silecek Kolu Animasyonu.
-Silecek Animasyonu.
-Vites Animasyonu.
-Dörtlü Tuşu Animasyonu.
-İbre Ve Saat Animasyonları.
-Gaz Ve Fren Pedalı Animasyonu.
-Muavin Koltuğu Ve Koltuk Kol Animasyonları.
-Cam Animasyonu. (Sol Cam Açma Kapatma Tuşuna Basarak Açılır Ve Kapanır.)
-Kapı Animasyonu (Sağ Cam Açma Kapatma Tuşuna Basarak Açılır Ve Kapanır.)

Düzenlemek Veya Editlemek Kesinlikle Yasaktır.
Otobüs Mod Bayisinde Çıkmaktadır.

Kişisel Web Sitem:

Turkishmods Web Sitemiz:

Emincan Yüksel,Okan Yorga,Metehan Bilal


Information:Modified Parts And New Details Will Be Added In V2 Stand By.In The Meantime There May Be Some Errors In The Mod.

1) Compatible with Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.40 and 1.41) Version.
2) Special Skins Available.
3) Original Interior Available.
4) Cabin Accessories And SiSL’s Mega Pack Compatibility.
5) Has Its Own Special Rim And Tires.
6) Original Engine Sound Available. (OM442)
7) Standalone.

Animations in the Bus;
Headlight Arm Animation.
-Signal Arm Animation.
-Wiper Arm Animation.
-Wiper Animation.
-Gear Animation.
-Hazard Key Animation.
-Clock Animation.
-Gas and Brake Pedal Animation.
-Seat and Armchair Arm Animations.
-Window Animation. (Opens and Closes by Pressing the Left Window On / Off Button.)
-Door Animation (Opens And Closes By Pressing The Right Glass On / Off Button.)

Editing is Strictly Prohibited.
The Bus is at the Mod Dealer.

My Personal Web Site:

Turkishmods Website:

Emincan Yüksel,Okan Yorga,Metehan Bilal

Emincan Yüksel,Okan Yorga,Metehan Bilal


22 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz O303

  1. Gelockter dreck blocklist

    1. Emin Can Yüksel

      I don’t understand what do you mean

  2. efsane otobüs

    1. Emin Can Yüksel


  3. Perotinus

    Thank you for not asking for permission and even not mentioning the original creator of this OMSI-Mod in the credits (yes, it’s me!!). Shame on you, modders without honesty!

    1. Emin Can Yüksel

      Hello, I know what you did, I was going to write your name, but I forgot, I will fix my mistake in the v2 version, I will add your name, I hope you are not angry, our respect for the effort is endless.

    2. Emin Can Yüksel

      If you have social media accounts, I would like to talk to you.

      1. The problem is that this work that you should have asked Perotinus before doing this. It’s a stolen work, Jazzycat is same thief. My work was often stolen and this completely took away the pleasureof working for the community. Now I don’t work anymore.

        1. Emin Can Yüksel

          hello, i am not a thief like jazzycat, i was going to take permission but i couldn’t find their social media accounts i was going to write credits but i forgot that too, how can i reach her?

          1. Perotinus

            I’m not on social media. But you load the bus from OMSI-Webdisk, so you could have contacted me there.
            I’m not one of the modders that don’t allow anyting with their content, so I haven’t a problem with someone converting the O303 to ETS. But the rules of fairness and honesty are, that you ask BEFORE starting the convert and of course giving credits. I hope you will follow these rule in future!
            And, by the way, you should rework the sound, for now it has nothing to do with O303.

          2. Emin Can Yüksel

            I forgot, I already downloaded it from there, I’m sorry again, I will add both the sound and your name in v2, if you don’t mind if you let me now.

    3. hey perotinus. i can’t wait the setra s315 project. i never seen mod like yours. best modder. +respect

  4. fac ce vreau

    @Zuputo Are a modder in omsi2? Because you are kinda destroy community in ets2 too. People need more mods. Not like in omsi where we are bombarded whit crappy russian or brasilian busses.

    1. Emin Can Yüksel

      I don’t understand what do you mean

  5. I hope the author giving access to edit chassis.sii.So i can play with my own physics setting😅.

  6. Hi

    This ia a nice mod but it has a sound problem.the engine sound cannot be very sure itsnot a mod conflict.could you please look into


  7. ETstories

    this mod deceide me to take the bus, and i’m loving it, excellent mod !

  8. Senden bir hatıra bana bu şarkı
    Bir gün gitsen bile hatıran yeter
    Unutmak mümkün mü böyle bir aşkı
    Bir gün gitsen bile hatıran yeter

    Mükemmel mod olmuş <3

  9. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – Mercedes O303 (Milano-Cenova YoLLardayız) [1.41]

  10. hocam mod güzel ama aracı çalıştırdık tan sonra direksiyon hareket etmiyor

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