Mercedes Benz Pack


In that pack includes all generations of Mercedes Trucks Corporation:
– Mercedes Antos
– Mercedes MP4
– Mercedes Actros MP3
– Mercedes Actros MP2
– Mercedes Actros MP1

All Trucks with interior and works well on latest part + Standalone.

Mercedes Antos: Oleg, jekich1, Stas556
Mercedes MP4: SCS, DANZ, Dieselrocker, Joe
Mercedes Actros MP3: Modders Team Poland, SCS
Mercedes Actros MP2: SCS, [email protected], Lexa, Morozov
Mercedes Actros MP1: Ant457


9 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Pack


    crash if i active MPIV



    crash with every file of the mod

  3. No name author, don’t work, LOL…

  4. Lucky_Punch

    MP 4 dont works sry bud always Crash on truck dealer

  5. Powermax1993

    I have to insert a problem and although the MP1 and MP2 can not in the game, since no scs. Files are.

    And sorry for my English.

  6. Filestormtube

    MP1 and Mp3 are working well. I have a crash to desktop when I go to the DAF dealer for the MP2. Didn’t test the Antos and MP4 yet

  7. no video?

  8. v1.22 go ?

  9. v1.22 version go ?

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