Mercedes Benz SK 1838

-Test Version: 1.39



12 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz SK 1838

  1. No open no download sorry

    1. Working fine here just downloaded it

  2. PatruPumpkinhero2

    there’s no download…

  3. FragmaniaGame

    Hocam mod güzel olmuş ellerinize sağlık ama sol aynada bir sorun var çalışmıyor bazen

  4. İsimsiz

    link kırılmış

  5. paulfred

    Driver’s door mirror needs attention.

  6. jdwarfer

    First, the interior is not accurate.
    Second, the link is dead. Not that I would download it but still, that’s a fact.

    I’ll wait for XBS’s SK II. At least he does good job.

  7. Does it work under OpenGL (Linux / MAC)?

    1. AvM Transport

      Test it & you know it.

      1. Testing it (as opposed to getting a clean-test-results) may generate false-negative due to the large number of mods I have installed.

        Thanks nevertheless.

  8. Chris Somsen

    still the wrong interior?

  9. No download file available. Please reupload.

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