Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2009 Short v 6.5

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Changes in v 6.5:
– interior rework
– new pysichs
– reduce moves in interior
– realistic mirror
– reworked dashboard (high quality)
– reworked transsmison (5-6 gears realistic)
– work in any old versions
– new sound


Version 6.3
– Apdated to 1.30
– Own interior
– Table interior (DLC Required)
– Cabin Accessories
– Mettalic Color
– Skinable
– New Wheel
– New Engines
– New Gear Box
– New Sound

Working in all versions of the game also 1.30x (scania next GEN version

KLOLO901, Dragonmodz, Szajbus71, Stino , [email protected], DmaianSVW, Diablo,RobertDRN


20 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2009 Short v 6.5

  1. please mod to Audi A8

    1. it’s already one….


  2. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  3. please make a Dodge Ram 3500 and the 5500 next!

    1. You don’t seem to learn your lesson when it comes to needlessly begging, do you?

      1. shut up!!

        1. Cry me a river Mr. Kei the wannabe backseat moderator.

          How about leave mod sites and never come back instead of constantly begging authors to do your bidding like a needy child just to get what you want? No wonder everyone is right about you; you’re just pathetic in begging people around like a moron.

        2. When you tell people to shut up while you continuously beg people, it proves that you’re indeed a bottom feeder.

          1. You right. I’m bottom feeder, I shouldn’t exist in ETS2/ATS mod sites anyway…

    2. Is this games work in the android

  4. Kei the #####


  5. hi, can you make update Sprinter Long 2014 for 1.30?

  6. xHubaw1337

    Hi can you make Audi S3 8L for 1.30?

  7. Instead of begging, why not you pay em’ and support the modder, now you could request hell a lot of cars than you were actually begged for

  8. Other color have e bug … Why rear weel have a rim in othrt color

  9. Hi is this games work in the android

  10. Hi is this games work in the android

  11. I like the game

  12. Good

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