Mercedes Benz Sprinter V2.0


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A real interior, A real sound and a real trailer for the Mercedes sprinter.

How to install,
Do the zip and the scs files into mod folder and activate them in the game. Activate all the files!!!!




29 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Sprinter V2.0

  1. joe_alker

    Not Standalone. Sheesh. Going to have to try and edit this now.

  2. Paťo 201

    Game is crashes without other mods for me .. (1.12.1s)

    1. same (1.14)

  3. cristakey

    The game crashes when I visit the Mercedes concessionary

    1. same

  4. If it’s not stanalone, could you please make it standalone?
    I would love to try this mod bug-free…
    Thank you!

  5. Please make new version with fixed bugs.When i open the mercedes showroom the game crashes!

  6. sorry for the bugs it is a test version V2.0
    i can’t make this mod BUG-FREE

  7. sorry i can’t make this mod BUG-FREE

  8. SO what’s the point of releasing it when you can’t get the bugs out of your own mod?

    1. Faelandaea

      LOL I was thinking that. Or even better . . . what sense does any of what the poster posted make?

      “Do not edit this!!! PLEASE do NOT fix this mod, guys. I’m oly uploading it so you can deal with the bugs and I deny you permission to fix the ###### thing.”

      Hate to say it, but yeah I am going to edit the heck out of this and hopefully get it to where it is standalone, but somewhat usable. I’m also going to repaint it. Don;t worry I won;t re-upload it, but it WOULD be easier for you to say “Please don;t re-upload this” rather than saying “don;t edit it on your own machine”.

      1. I wish I had a working version of this mod, standalone and customizable; eventhough it’s just the paintwork…

  9. Mark (Eliximus)

    Hello All , first of all Thank you Stino for such a great mod (yes it works just fine ).
    I like to ask you Stino to contact me as i like to make donation to you and maybe help you out with my team to improve this mod , Thank you , Mark

    you can find me @

    1. Worldadidas

      MUDATRUCKERS are ####! Range Logistics FTW. MUDATRUCKERS Website is ####! Eliximus is a Fraud!

      1. Worldadidas

        SHUT UP

        thank you

    2. Hello Mark,

      I will contact if you are streaming on twitch
      my name is quax_trucker

  10. the mod works not good oa in the dutch map
    the weels not on the good place

    1. restart the game then Bikkel

  11. Work, THANKS the best car!

  12. If soemone could please make a standalone and bug-free version, please?
    I would really appreciate it!

  13. MaxOfSteel

    Cool mod but it has some bugs. please fix it!

  14. I’m almost starting to believe he was trying to adjust the mod himself and he’s not the original maker of this mod…

  15. I have downloaded the moon … when I select the high cabin crashes my game. in the cockpit, I have no tacho needle, the navi does not work … and blinker do not appear to me … I unzipped the file and all scs datein activated in the game

  16. Windscreen wipers are of no use!

  17. The_Driver

    Video Mercedes Benz Sprinter Full HD

  18. Thank you! 🙂

  19. The wheels bra help

  20. MysticGaming

    I uploaded a mod review of this amazing mod, You can add it to the page if you want.

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