Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16 RHD (1.39)

MB Tourismo 16 RHD

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Araç modelleme kaplamaları tekrar güncellendi. Ayna, ön konsol, vites, koridor ve direksiyon yeniden modellendi. Fmod ses motoru aracın orjinal motor tipi OM457 sesinden üretilmiştir. (Kamyon sesi konulmuş diye ön yargılı olmayın aynı motor tipini mercedes axor kamyonlarında da kullanmıştır.)

Vehicle textures have been updated again. Mirror, dashboard, gearshift, c cabin nd steering wheel were remodeled. FMOD sound engine is produced from the original engine type OM457 sound of the vehicle. (Same engine used on MB Axor, that’s why it has same sound.)

Project Author: OyuncuyusBisMods
Model: Cenker Seçkin – Ferhat Gür
Model Edit: İsmail Arslan (HVT)
Convert, Sound ve Physics: Harun Aras
Dashboard: Emir Bardakçı (trzpro)
Skinpack: Hakan Terzi
Rim: Yavuz Selim Mağdala


7 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 16 RHD (1.39)

  1. why close your mods for specific version, it will lose your effort

    1. The 1.39 update broke all mods. All sounds needed to be reworked couse they dont worked.

      1. You are right

  2. Great mod, but the biggest issue is, that if u drive against sun, the spedometer is getting white and u cant see anything. :/

  3. This mod is great but the biggest issue is, that if u driving against sun, the tacho-shield is getting white and u cant see anything on it…

  4. This bus is amazing! I recommend it !

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