Mercedes Benz Tourismo-16Rhd-2018(1.41 Update)

Fixed 1.41
Yeni Tourismo 16Rhd Güncellemesi
Kapı sesi eklendi
3.kamera seçeneğinde fov yeniden ayarlandı
Ayna ve cam parlaması ve kararması giderildi
New Tourismo 16Rhd Update
Door sound added
Fov readjusted in 3rd camera option
Mirror and glass glare and darkening are eliminated

Project Owner: OyuncuyusBisMods
Model: Yağız Bakırcı
Convert: Artin Kazanciyan
Fmod Sound: Kriechbaum
Skinpack: Doğancan Öztürk, Arda Sağlam, Burak Bıkmaz


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7 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Tourismo-16Rhd-2018(1.41 Update)

  1. The game crashes while using this bus mod after driving for more than 2m. Does anyone know why? I used to be able to drive this with no issues but all of a sudden it crashes the game after driving for a few mins.

  2. Enrico G

    all in all, the bus looks great
    Mercedes Benz Tourismo it absolutely needs to be developed further
    For example Setra The TopClass S 531 DT
    all in all, the bus is in the game as if it were real
    Many thanks to the moder

  3. please, can you make hand right steering wheel?

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – new TOURiSMO (Modifiye + Sefer) [1.41]

  5. Please update this bus on 1.42 version!

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