Mercedes Benz Travego 15-17 SHD Special Edition v 2.0

Mercedes-Benz-Travego-15-17-SHD-2 Mercedes-Benz-Travego-15-17-SHD-1 Mercedes-Benz-Travego-15-17-SHD-3

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Special version of the Travego coach has been renewed ! Interior was held ! Driving was developed !

You can buy the Mercedes-Benz galleries . In addition, the traffic pattern around the 17 SHD .

It driving has been developed. The rearview mirror is added. According to a previous version completely regulated coating cabin there is a serious difference. You can use the 15 or 17 SHD model.

2 new camera angle; 3-4 numbered seat and enjoy the ride from the central aisle

Please re- install and deploy . Developers of the connection must be used .

WinRAR Password : specialv2

Authors: Cenker Ets2 Convert: Muhammet Şnl Retarder Sound: Yasin Çalım Rearview mirror: Emre Bahrevan


4 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Travego 15-17 SHD Special Edition v 2.0

  1. Log all red !!!

  2. some say please let me where I can see how to make a skin for this mod thanks, if I send you a little video I give you my email [email protected] here then I like to send you a fate sckin I thank you for this mod

  3. why when there is zero reason to use them for anything? you’d have been better off designing a whole new truck, then adding irrelevancies into the game, its like adding cars and vans, there is no physical point, your not going to deliver cargo, ergo no money, that leaves just driving around for no purpose…despite the fact you cannot get these vehicles until you reach certain level or money i mean ### or you use a cheat like most do.

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