Mercedes Benz Travego 16 Lüks Karadeniz Pack

Merhabalar Bugün Sizlere Heavy Vehicles Turkey Mercedes-Benz Yeni Travego 16 SHD İçin “Lüks Karadeniz” Firmasının Kaplamasını Paylaşıyorum.

Mod İçerisinde 4 Adet Kaplama Mevcut Modu Aracın Üstüne Kurunuz İyi Oyunlar Dilerim


Hello, today I am sharing with you the coating of “Lüks Karadeniz” Company for the Heavy Vehicles Turkey Mercedes-Benz New Travego 16 SHD.

There are 4 Coverings in the Mod. Install the Mod on the Vehicle. I Wish You a Happy Game

Yek Reklam


One thought on “Mercedes Benz Travego 16 Lüks Karadeniz Pack

  1. Upload it on
    They are paying 500% more money for each download.
    Don’t waste your time with Sharemods my friend 🙂

    I switched from sharemods to modsupload and the difference is huge.
    Try and you will see 🙂

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