Mercedes Benz-Travego 17 SE for 1.48

Mercedes Benz-Travego 17 SE for 1.48

Have fun.

Hakan Dürzü (Tam zamanlı Meşhur o.ç. yarı zamanlı fahişe,çeyrek zamanlı IT uzmanı,)


8 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz-Travego 17 SE for 1.48

  1. Nekompatibilní s 1,48.

  2. this is for version 1.46.

  3. 1.Open mod folder
    2.Open manifest.sii file
    3.Switch to “compatible_versions[]: “1.48.*”

    1. where mod folder

    2. create one video for rar fail

      1. 1.Decompress the file “travego_17_1_48.rar”
        2.Open “travego_17_1_48″‘ folder
        3.Open manifest.sii file
        4.Switch to “compatible_versions[]: “1.48.*”

      2. If the rar file is not decompressed, try downloading the program “ “. It’s a Korean program, but it won’t be too difficult to use.

  4. Yeees!!! Thank you!! It works perfectly!!!!!

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