Mercedes Benz Travego 2016 Brazilian Companies’ Skins Pack

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The mod includes only skins for the Mercedes Benz Travego 2016 mod which was converted by Commodore and modeled by Can SKMN.

– There are 5 Brazilian companies’ skins in the pack.
– I don’t any logos used in the skins, however, i edited them.
– As it is not easy to make skins for the companies in Brazil, Mexico etc., I’ve tried to do my best to make it similar the real skins. So that, there might be some little differences from the real bus skins.
– If you wish, you can delete the skins (DDS files) you don’t wanna have in the pack via “Travego 2016 Skin.zipvehicletruckupgradepaintjob”. It will be showing a pink colour if you delete.

The Companies included in the pack:
– Itapemirim
– Guanabara
– Real Expresso
– Sao Geraldo
– Aguia Branca


Drag the “Travego 2016 Skin.Zip” file which is inside the Rar file you downloaded to
“…/My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod” and replace it with the old one if it asks.

NOTE: To use the skin, you have to select one of the companies among painting options.Also select the proper
“Cam Skin” for the skin you selected among “Cam (Window) Skin”options which you can find among exterior parts.

Eray Haberal

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Sharemods]

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  1. Meus Parabéns pelo GRANDE TRABALHO E ESFORÇO….Ficou muito Top e show….

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂

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