Mercedes Benz Trucks Pack

Mercedes-Benz-LPS1632-1840-1844-3 Mercedes-Benz-LPS1632-1840-1844-2 Mercedes-Benz-LPS1632-1840-1844-1

In Pack Includes:
– Mercedes Benz LPS1632
– Mercedes Benz 1840
– Mercedes Benz 1844

Tested 1.3.1 version

Authors: dmitry68, Stas556


9 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Trucks Pack

  1. Are these standalone trucks? If not,what trucks they replace? Otherwise nice trucks:)

    1. audiquattros1

      yes, they are all standalone 😀

      1. Awesome 😀

    2. нужно ещё бы тюнинг и новый салон для нового грузовика!

  2. audiquattros1

    nice mod, great job 😉

  3. Great trucks!

  4. It is the best interior mod press 5(passenger camera) and the textures is great!the trucks are great,so, good job!!!!!You should do one for MB MP4!

  5. Sarkissian

    Great trucks, Great work!!
    I love them!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Where can i buy them???

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