Mercedes Benz Urban-e Truck

Araç elektrikli olduğu için motor sesi bulunmamaktadır.
Hata olarak algılamayın.
Since the vehicle is electric, there is no engine sound.
Do not take it as an error.

Model Edit:Yağız Bakırcı
Convert:Artin Kazanciyan
İnterior Sounds:Kriechbaum


15 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Urban-e Truck

  1. Elettric OK sound air horno ?!? cargo !?!?

  2. hello, there are no loads. could you add them?

  3. is there the possibility of a motor sound? load ? a trailer?

    1. an engine sound for an electric truck after the modder said its supposed to have no sound because its electric…

      1. I think electric truck and cars has something like a “servo motor, rollin wheels and all mechanism” when it spinnin he make a noise similar to ride a bike using a own legs to make it faster . Or similar 4×4 mud cars driving on highways. with this kind of rubber noise from tires .

  4. Original comme mod, j’adore

  5. eigendlich sehr schön , aber was bringt der wenn man keine frachten dafür hat oder nicht in der 4×2 version nutzen kann

    1. Doch gibt es nennt sich glaube Mini Cargo for BDFs oder so weiss nur nicht ob es auch schon für 1.39 aktuell ist

    2. Es gibt den LKW doch nicht mal als 4×2

  6. Unknown Unknown

    fantastic mod thanks very much for making it! shame you can’t do deliveries in it though.

  7. Excelente mod! Congratulations!

  8. jayontheway228

    How to take cargo for this truck

  9. cürümcüler tv

    HD Test Vİdeo 1.39:

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