Mercedes-Benz W447 V-Class V4.3 1.48


– Updated to game version 1.48
– Minor edits and fixes


Nimit, İsmail Kaan, VakkoTeam


25 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz W447 V-Class V4.3 1.48

  1. arda demirci

    Pleass bmw 740 m

  2. Chance Wilkens King of Akron

    why ask?, and why have you not put bro at the start and at the end of you sentence?

  3. theres always one thing wrong with your mod

    oh my god, fix your mirrors, no wonder you don’t show them in your interior pics of your mods, cause they are all smokey like they were when the game went from 1.39 to 1.40 i believe, and all the modders had to fix their lights and mirrors, take some pride in your work, i can’t believe people buy into this and say nothing.
    your a good modder, maybe the best one here, but really, fix those little things man, it’s the little things that count

    1. You’re spot on mate, he’s a good modder, but he (NIMMIT) should always fix those little things cause it does matters, you don’t just create mods just the way you like it hence you shouldn’t bother sharing it to the public, we really appreciate his work but he should try and get those little touches fixed, glasses are foggy at night, doesn’t move, mirrors looking so fake like it were back from older versions 1.40. NIMMIT man you can do BETTER! You the best modder out there…..

      1. You are very much right about the issues of this mod. But the problem is, if I were to spend time fixing all that stuff in each and every old mod, I would instead create it from scratch which will turn out to be even better. More than 50+ mods may or may not have one issue or another, even if it’s minor.

        I am not a team, I am one guy doing all the stuff most of the time.

        1. I get your point bro and I must say you’re a GOAT when it comes to car mods, but then you see this particular mod Mercedes V-class, I’ll appreciate if you could fix the foggy glasses, should be able to open and close, the mirrors and the rear lights. It’s one of my favourite mod bruv…. Pls update it and I’ll build you a statue 🗽 as a mod legend.

  4. オオシタユウジ

    Please Toyota 2010 Crown Royal Saloon late model please

  5. theres always one thing wrong with your mod


    – Updated to game version 1.48
    – Minor edits and fixes

    only thing you change is the compatibility version, you have never done Minor edits and fixes, you do this to all your mods, game version locked why? why do you do that because you don’t change anything, same car from update 1.44, and i believe this mod was around even before then, before 1.40

    1. I simply cannot be arsed to fix old mods, rather make them from scratch instead. There has been several changes in some files of each and every mod, so compatibility version is not the only thing that was changed. Maybe try driving previous version mod and the current one.

  6. Equality for all car manufacturers

    wow you s u c k, your another yahia abid bro, if you don’t care about your mods, why bother, “I simply cannot be arsed to fix old mods” this right here explains it all, your not a modder, your a vanity vampire, PERIOD

    1. Why not start modding yourself?

    2. Yahiaabed

      Your mouth is big and open close it the best for you

  7. Equality for all car manufacturers

    And there you go??? the ultimate deflection “Why not start modding yourself?”. im not offering the product, you are, you are the salesman… we are the customers.

    1. This is not a product and I am not a salesman. This is my hobby, and it’s players choice whether to download or not.

      I am simply making mods just because I like it and the way I want it.

      Start paying for stuff if you want it the way you want.

    2. then why aren’t u paying for mods? if you are the CuStOmeRs

      1. Chance "Cyraxx" Wilkens King of Akron,Ohio

        wow, high iQ nielson, way to go bro

  8. Equality for all car manufacturers

    so you like smokey mirrors and dodgy rear lights?

  9. Equality for all car manufacturers

    that guys right tho, there is always something wrong with your mods lol

  10. The side mirrors are dark especially at night just as it was from previous version 1.40 , I love this mod but still can’t believe version 1.48 we’re still experiencing same sh*t

  11. Hello, I have a question if you could not make a mod for a Trabant 601 car or at least try to advise me or somehow guide me to create this mod.
    Thank you

  12. Chrxs Tuning

    upadte the toyota lc 200 please bro

  13. please add audi a6 c6 c7

  14. Nimit these cars wont let me add them. They appear in my mod menu but it just wont load when i put them on and load into ets2. do u know why?

  15. Nice mod but next time more electric cars like Skoda Enyaq and Kia EV6! Can you also make a tutorial on how to make these mods

  16. Alexandru Comisaru

    A causa della tua mod adesso non posso più guidare. Posso solo vedere i lavori e i veicoli. Grazie🤬

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