Mercedes-Benz X167 GLS-Class V1 1.41


– 2 rims (Stock & AMG Line)
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– Indicator & Wiper stalk animation
– Can be attached with a compatible trailer (Caravan included as a standard offering)
– Realistic engine & transmission configuration (even the 0-100, 0-200 & 0-250 kmph timings are very close compared to the real-life counterpart)
– Best in class physics when compared to other SUVs mods
– High-quality exterior & interior

*To achieve the top speed, slot the car into the 6th gear*

Q: Where to purchase it?:
A: Truck Dealers > Access Mod Dealer > Mercedes-Benz


DN Modding, Nimit


47 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz X167 GLS-Class V1 1.41

  1. Plz bmw x7 or bmw e38

  2. Mustafa Aydoğdu

    bu modda emeği geçen herkeze çok teşekkürler şunu rahatca söyleyebilirimki hayatımda sürdügüm en en en iyi mod

  3. DenisBoss33

    Nice Mod man, but can you make a BMW X7 or BMW X5 2020? THANKS.

  4. pls bro volkswagen touareg pleaseee

  5. Do the older cars aswell, something like Azoraxs B6 passat

  6. abi elinize emeğinize sağlık rica etsem Mercedes Benz 2008 w211 E200 yapabilir misiniz… Birde BMW 2002 E39 530İ Yaparsanız Beni Çok Mutlu Etmiş Olursunuz… Şimdiden İyi Çalışmalar…

  7. Can you fix speedometer on the dashboard? BTW this is the best car.

  8. İnanılmaz güzel ve harika bir mod çalışan bütün arkadaşlarımıza teşekkür ediyorum özensiz çalışmalardan sonra böyle bir iş gerçekten harika. Mercedes w223 S class yapılsa harika olurdu. Çok iyi iş tebrik ediyorum harika çalışmalarınızın devamı gelmeli:) bekliyoruz…

    Thank you to all our friends who work in an incredibly beautiful and wonderful mode after sloppiness such a job is really great. Mercedes w223 s class was great. I’m doing a very good job, you should continue your wonderful work:) we are waiting…

  9. Hi it would be great if you can make the blinkers animation work and also the speedometer is not showing the speed correct. If you could repair these things this will be the best mode in the game!!!

  10. Antonio Carvaalio

    hello very nice car best car i use all time in ets2 can you make any s class like this with led interior and digital speedmeter and m5 with led its gooing to bee very good but please make more faster like 300 kmh .

    1. The car are based on real ones. The S-classes have speed limit like 250km/h.

  11. Could you maybe make a GLE/GLE Coupe 2020?

  12. Kim Ki Gum

    please you make a Cadillac Escalade 2022 or Cadillac CT5-V 2020???

  13. Mustafa Aydoğdu

    abi lütfen bmw f30 yapma şansınız varmı

  14. please create ford puma

  15. Passaros No Banheiro

    The speedometer is wrong

  16. Passaros No Banheiro

    Speedometer and steering wheel have a bad animations.

  17. pls AUDI Q7 2018

  18. Make cadillac escalade

  19. Please make a Porsche 911 Turbo S 2020

  20. please add visible indicators in the center of the car to this model

  21. pls bmw m8 competition

  22. BwK_Koala

    Can you do new Mercedes E class AMG or New Bmw M3 competition

  23. Kim Ki Gum

    make Rezvani Tank X

  24. Lucasdriver70

    Great mod!

  25. Hello. The mod is spectacular. But you can upgrade it more, like blinkers and speedometer. Also can you add the new S-class W223?

  26. I have ETS2 in the latest version 1.41, but I don’t see this Mercedes in the game, but I added this MOD. How do I get to the Mercedes in the game? Thanks for the advice 😉

    1. Make sure you activated the mod.
      Truck Dealers > Access Mod Dealer > Mercedes-Benz.

  27. Hello! The mode is gorgeous, worked in the smallest detail, just like a real one! I’m glad that there are creators who make the effort to create a way that is as realistic as possible. Congratulations to those who worked the way. I hope that in the future you will make more recent SUV models, but I would like to ask you and I would be very curious about the result, to create a mode with Volkswagen Touareg R50 from 2008. Thank you and good luck in the future!

  28. Samantha Leithold


    Sorry i’m new. I already set the access mod dealer but I cannot find the car on any of the dealers to purchase. Can somebody please help me? any advise please? thanks in advance.

    1. Make sure you activated the mod and your game version is 1.42

  29. I mean 1.41*

    1. can you make passat b6 3.2 vr6 pls man

  30. Hello can you make the new S-class Maybach version?

    1. Can you do private car mods?

      1. Depends whether I have time or not and how much you are willing to pay 🙂

        1. Lets talk on email i sent you an email, as Mbedzi Mulisa

  31. needs bigger fuel tank, otherwise so good!

  32. Nice mod! Could you make Jeep Wrangler or Kia Sorento please?

  33. MUSTANG 5.0GT

    1.42 ye uyarlayabilir misiniz ^^

  34. MUSTANG 5.0GT

    FORD MUSTANG 5.0GT 2018 modu yapabilir misiniz

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