Mercedes bus “Stop Verbal Abuse”


Buy at Mercedes Dealers and choose paint01 for the skin

Christobal MaGo

Skin: Stop Verbal Abuse


5 thoughts on “Mercedes bus “Stop Verbal Abuse”

  1. mike hollera

    Its ugly, and the interior sucks, sorry but it dosn’t feel like your driving a bus… need better work and more attention.

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    The bus is made by Cristobal MaGo and is originally fron ETS 2 vers. 1.3.1

    What the itention of the skinners is, is to make a statement to stop verbal abuse on social media

    A lot of people where/are threttened with the dead or they must have cancer. The abusers has to expalled from social media and not be pampered!

    Great initiative and i agree with that statement.

  3. Is MaGo could do a mod or a skin on the bus Bova Futura ??

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