Mercedes E63 AMG

Mercedes E63 AMG-1 Mercedes E63 AMG-2

In the third update:
– The engine is more realistic
– The gearbox has now 5 speeds to be more realistic
– The English inside does not exist

In the second update:
– The engine is more realistic
– The seventh gear is better
– The UK interior is now playable but with much difficulties
– The price is more realistic (120 000 euros)
– The distance with a full tank of gas is more realistic (700 kilometers)

In the first update:
– Original Interior
– Sound of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter
– Speed max: 230 km/h
– Gearbox: 7 gears
– Engine: V8 biturbo
– The price is realist (150 000 euros)

Author: Sztywniak


14 Responses to Mercedes E63 AMG

  1. ### says:

    Why does it have a Sprinter steering wheel now?

    • ### says:

      And modern cars can have up to 9 gears, how is the 7 gear unrealistic then?
      The modern automatics are usually using 7 gears standard now.

  2. Ficfic says:

    I have reworked the car but my name is not in the credits 😉

  3. Faelandaea says:

    I will definitely look forward to this once it has working mirrors and better sound XD Also, the only video posted was shot in a much older version of the game. Has this been tested on 1.18x?

  4. Jay says:

    ###??? the engine sounds like garbage!!! how ###### can you be? this car in real life does not sound like this pile of #### you created.

  5. RhastalordTV says:

    1080p ᴴᴰ Review on 1.18x :

  6. Ducon says:

    Nice truck lol

  7. Darren says:

    mod works but ALOT of bugs still. NONE of the guages work, GPS on dashboard doesnt work, mirrors dont work unless you rotate the camera view too that mirror, the car is black yet the bonnet from interior view is white. if you can repare properly then i would very much enjoy this mod too drive around the map too buy more garages for example.

  8. Daniel says:

    That’s weird, I’m really tempted to download this so badly, but when I click on the link, it takes me to the download page with the cloud loading with the M logo inside it. For some reason, it doesn’t load… I refreshed the page a few times, came back later, still didn’t work. Anyone have the same file that you can upload on a different source of yours? Much appreciated.

  9. Ficfic says:

    Video with the new version:

  10. Floris says:

    Link broke

  11. anonymouse says:

    What did you get rid of the right hand drive for?! It should always have right hand drive, with left hand drive being tricky

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