Mercedes E63 by David


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Mercedes E63 mod! 🙂
BY: david



9 Responses to Mercedes E63 by David

  1. Diablo says:

    Test Video

  2. 144Peerk164 says:

    Fake Copyright Steeler

    Car From:
    Wheels by TASK
    Interior by S-SgDesign
    Convertion Hichai89

    F***** mods steeler

  3. BlackRooMafia says:

    If you make changes to the steering wheel audio and physics is really very good and better quality

  4. Marc says:

    The good old Mercedes Benz Mod. Model good, interior good but:
    No navigation
    No gauges
    No indicators inside
    No brakelights
    Engine sounds if it has a failure
    and so on
    If you would take the Skoda Superb features with this model, it would be great. For now it is a unfinished mod again…

  5. sarah1224 says:

    I don’t know why people posting cars in section for trucks you and others should post cars in section …”Others” … the same thing is with buses …. this is section for trucks. I came here to see trucks but i see more cars and buses than trucks. I always have to scroll 10 sites before i can find a truck i saw just a few days ago. This section has became a mixed bag of all transportation why not posting here also a trailers than????

    • Steini says:

      This is only a direction by the admin, etc., not from the uploaders. 😉

  6. Arseniy says:

    govno car!
    Gives skin E63 and puts in default truck!

  7. Dado-J says:

    I would agree with Sarah 100% .Here stands to block the trucks. If you want to buses, open the block for buses. Cars do not belong here also. If Jazycat their cars placed on the block “Others”, and why the others do not? Otherwise, this mode is poor and incomplete. Interior and engine sound like it will fall apart at any moment. Recommendation; form a new bloc in the new game: Euro Car Simulator.

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