Mercedes E63


Mercedes E63

for sale at Majestic



13 thoughts on “Mercedes E63

  1. this mod is not created by mage-elf!
    Sztywniak is the original creator…

    1. As all other mods uploaded by him here…

  2. video please

  3. game crashed

  4. Tigrul123

    video please !!!!

  5. cannot find it in Stuttgart Magestic dealer

  6. The mod doesn’t work! I can’t find it in Magestic/Mercedes dealer, not even after I tried restarted the game! Can anyone told me why?

  7. Mine works but i’ve got giant tires on it

  8. Works but i also got giant truck tires on it instead of normal car tires

  9. dashboard doesn’t work and the sound is like a truck! please fix it!

    1. Yes, me too

  10. I don’t have the interior

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