Mercedes E64 AMG

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New Mercedes E64 AMG
– have interior with animations
– no errors
– support all DLC
– 6 spped gearbox
– V8 BiTurbo Engine
– Realistic Acceleration

Fuel: Diesel – 10,1l /100km

Dealer: DAF Trucks
Max Speed: 267km/h

Authors: Kutać1, SCS

DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 18 MB [Uploadfiles]

11 Responses to Mercedes E64 AMG

  1. ado says:

    Fake as hell, no animation in interior except wheel, sound is generic from merc, dealer is mercedes not DAF trucks and i think this is reedited stolen reupload

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Fake Mod, not the Mod on the Picture ! Diablo why Post this old Video ? The Mercedes has black Windows and the Rims not compatibel with v1.24 !

  3. Ralph says:

    Crazy! One day someone will make a real Mercedes!

    • Marc says:

      I already tried but im too dumb. Yet i could change engine sound only. i took the skoda mod as example, but this mod has so many files that i lost the overview. Actually it should be possible to change the skoda model with the mercedes and the interior. And im sure, theres somebody out there to add the navi to the dashboard and is able to animate the gauges properly…

  4. Diablo says:

    This is the same model as for video and photo is what the author dal, nothing changed after the author and a link to download but that is not my fault that I did not intercede sorry for my english

    • Mr.GermanTruck says:

      We need to make as Youtuber mods transparent. proper videos or correct comments

  5. Dawid says:

    Credits: SztywnyFred, not Kutać1 and SCS.

  6. DONT WORK says:

    DONW WORK!!!!

  7. Diablo says:

    Mr.GermanTruck, I myself will not change anything, so either you are with me and together Bedz intercede video with reliable descriptions or against me, and is so far
    You know exactly the fashion of a group of RTA are payable and insert them alone with links to downloads, so you can not !!! I you pay attention while he is doing the same thing is how it will be, we do taxonomic order sorry for my English google translator

  8. ahmad says:

    fack mod this mod is only crasher for the game
    it crash my game

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