Mercedes Maersk Skin

Mercedes-Maersk-Skin-1 Mercedes-Maersk-Skin-2

Maersk Skin for Mercedes Benz Actros MP4 Truck

Author: RevelationWH


4 thoughts on “Mercedes Maersk Skin

  1. nice skin..

    1. RevelationWH

      thanks my bro 😀

  2. I did add the skin in the mods and activate it but I can’t see anywhere the skin when I wanna buy the actros ??

    1. RevelationWH

      This mod include MB Actros MP4 Truck, so you have to buy a new car and disable the other mod MB Actros MP4, because it may cause crashes in games.

      *This truck is not me who made ​​it, Credits to Author who has made ​​this truck

      Sorry for my bad English

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