Mercedes MP IV Board Computer 4Game

Board-Computer-3 Board-Computer-2 Board-Computer-1

New board computer for Mercedes MP 4 made special for game.
You can see all you need for driving on one display.
Completly reworked board computer with
– current speed, gear, cruise control speed
– fuel in tank, availdabe distance, consumption instant and average
– trip length
– odometer
– trubine pressure
– water temperature value and gauge
– oil pressure and oil temperature
– air pressure
– fuel warnining illumination
– engine break indicatior
– damage warning indicatior
– warning display
– Mercedes Benz logo display.

Author: Piva

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12 thoughts on “Mercedes MP IV Board Computer 4Game

  1. looks fantastic Piva, real nice work! any chance of one with a white background?

    1. I don’t think about it.

      1. AlexandruM

        Piva please make update for 1.28 please

    1. Ну как бы новый сделан полностью с нуля. Хотя если Вам не видно, то париться ни к чему 😀

      1. AlexandruM

        Piva please make update for 1.28 please

  2. Excellent I can read the clock. Really excellent.
    Thank Piva.

  3. Thanks Piva,great job.Now i really like MB Mp IV.

  4. i love that! same for Renault trucks please

  5. Carlo Joshua

    Very nice work Piva. Great job. Looks my truck more brand new and very modern. May I ask if there’s modding utility software for dashboard ui? Thanks

  6. AlexandruM

    Piva please make update for 1.28 please

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