Mercedes MP2 v 1.0 [1.31]

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This is mod for Mercedes MP2, is created for 1.30 and added a support ti 1.31 game version. It have many tunning option. Is not my mod. I bought it because originally was paid mod.

MBActros, Daniel Tenev, ScaniaMichl72


13 Responses to Mercedes MP2 v 1.0 [1.31]

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Video test here đŸ˜€ … I like this truck !

  2. neranjana says:

  3. TRUCKER says:

    Did you read this mod description “viewermakers” ?!
    You all are accomplices thief !
    “…Is not my mod. I bought it because originally was paid mod.”

    • OooogaBoooga says:

      This is a mod by Schumi, a well known modder. His work is FREE!

      • DG22 says:

        Its not by Schumi! Its from MBActros. His mod was paid!

        Now his mod is in version 1.2 and you can buy it for only 20 euro

  4. axor-3240 says:

    not visible in the gallery
    please help me

  5. iceman says:

    not work v1.31 fake

  6. Mattez says:

    Seems to be not working when you have MP3 from Schumi installed (game crashes when I enter Mercedes store), but once I’ve disabled MP3, the MP2 works fine. The mod is decent, but MP3 from Schumi has more addons, chassis versions, etc

  7. Shadic says:

    It would be better if it was a standalone mod. Cause i would love to have all actros variants from mp1 to mp4

  8. Mrwolf says:


  9. Ali6774 says:

    Mod fix please not working

  10. Dimitri says:

    Can’t find the truck in the mercedes dealer… :s

  11. zombiekiller says:

    i cant find it in mercedes dealers too

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