Mercedes MP2 v 6.0

Mercedes-MP2-1 Mercedes-MP2-2

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Full optimization for Patch 1.22

Version 6.0:
– Added Manifest.sii
– DLC Cabin ready
– Fixed Errors
– New Addons
– Added Chassis 6×2, 6×4, 6h2_4, 6×2 with sloth
– Added name plates on the grill
– 2 visor (green and black)
– Redesigned interior, as it corrected bugs and flaws
– Also corrected the short comings
– Fixed laytmaska
– Added sticker “LAA TRANS”
– Reworked on-board computer
– Adapted for 1.22.x patch

For game Version 1.22

Author: Bogdan Kasalap, VINZEL

DOWNLOAD 110 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 110 MB [Uploadfiles]

2 thoughts on “Mercedes MP2 v 6.0

  1. Bogdan Kasalap is a typical thief.
    First he sells his models and after some time he releases his models.

  2. pl_tv_software

    Video Test Review HD:
    + Trailers Mod Pack

    Tested on 1.22s

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