Mercedes MP2 V8


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– Fully equipped V8!
– Fixed Point shoals previous version.
– The model itself is slightly modified, as well as customized mats, textures, etc.
– All mudguards added nameplates
– Now Mercedes has a lot of its tuning, namely:
– 2 types of front optics
– 2 types protivotumanok
– Blinds
– 3 kinds of shelves
– The sticker on the glass
– Label
– Handles
– Added the lights in the cabin (blue, but you can assign the code to any color), is activated by pressing the “O”
– Radar, Gobox (3 types), skunk in the interior, radio, 2 gps.
– Reflectors side.
– His set of wheels.
– On the spoiler is now possible to set the overall red lights.

Богдан Касалап


15 Responses to Mercedes MP2 V8

  1. Darren says:

    please post a video preview of the truck and tuning options

    • Michael says:

      because the one provided with this post is not good enough?

  2. вован84 says:

    видео можно глянуть.какой слот занимает…не нулевой ли случаем…

  3. SNAIL_KILLA says:

    Старая версия, не та что на скринах

  4. Jake R. says:

    What is that graphics mod?! It looks AMAZING!

  5. вован84 says:

    не все думисы присутствуют…это раз…второе…нет передних брызговиков…и три противотуманки и фары передние не меняються…противотуманки не имеються желтые…и нет на ветровых задних частях кабины красных под думис лампочек…немного не тот мерседес …это все то немногое что я не перечислил…многое умолчал…сами видео посмотрите у себя когда его поставите…у себя в игре…успешно работает на патче 1.16.2.

  6. Omar-Scania says:

    God Mod!!

  7. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video…

  8. sljiva_fh says:

    please fix the download link!!!!!

    • Ich500 says:

      I Love It !!!!!!!

      Its so nice and the beautiful interior *-* very nice work

      But how can i edit the template i can see some lines on the paint when i choose the white at the custom color.

      Best Wishes 🙂

  9. sljiva_fh says:

    Can you make some V8 sound mode for that merc MP2?

  10. Eyup says:

    Hello Guys, I have this mod and I really like it but also I have Danz’s Axor mod .So, these two mods are conflicting. This mod doesn’t work with it. If I can change this car slot in the dealer, I can fix it. Anyone can help me ?

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