Mercedes MP4

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Standalone Mercedes MP4 Truck with Interior and little Addons

Authors: Danz, Ch_Vitalik, Baltazar


17 thoughts on “Mercedes MP4

  1. Ultrabald

    Looks good but I hate all these flags and the curtains in the cabin. Is it possible to take them off ?

    1. Me too. I hate them in the cabin. Pls take them off.

      1. Bothers me the registration number (front and rear plate).

    2. Me too. I want to drive this truck without them.

    3. Gerald Payne

      I agree about curtains and flags. 6X4 version Vertical exhaust.? ! !

    4. Yeh, Don’t like em. Replace them with dices or air fresheners or something..

  2. +++ all

  3. Very nice man.

  4. acenickells

    +++ me too

  5. #### n00bs! Make it a option to have those curtains on or off! What kind of n00b would drive with that #### on.

    1. Sarkissian

      Turks drive with that kind of ####! lol 🙂

  6. @dr_jaymz

    please, make the courtains optional, what light mod do u use?

  7. How do you delete the rugs that are hanging around the window? Looks like a south of the border truck!


    ^^ is this disaster still happen when using RHD ??

    oh btw, can you make bear or elephant to replace the curtain or something in the windshield? so i cant totaly see trough outside…

    make them optional please, so we can remove them when we dont like it…

    overall nice mod, thx

  9. Password?

  10. makes this mod but updated please thank you

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