Mercedes MP4 2014 Free Camera

Free Camera-3 Free Camera-2 Free Camera-1

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Hi, this is a mod for more camera to shoot videos that we can set where we want
By Diablo I satan19990 and I only proportioned to the Mercedes MP4

Authors: satan19990, Diablo


8 Responses to Mercedes MP4 2014 Free Camera

  1. czesio says:

    Diablo to nie działa.
    This mod is not working.

    • Diablo says:

      what does not work, you have the video check in the highest booth

  2. matpol98 says:

    Possible to get it for the scania rjl aswell?

  3. Diablo says:

    Check out how it will deliver

  4. Diablo says:

    I fixed now works on all cabins and standard and exclusive

  5. bik_san says:

    Właśniej miałem pisać abyś zrobił na wszystkie kabiny. Podzienkował. 🙂

  6. aleksey says:

    Бестoлкoвый мoд.Считаю,чтo oн пригoдился-бы для мoделирoвания,а не для игры.

  7. sljiva_fh says:

    Can you make for Scania RJL 1.3?

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