Mercedes MP4 4163 SLT Upgrade


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Hello, mod includes Mercedes MP4 4163 SLT
mod adapted to ver 1.22
Added template for the purpose of car
I added cabin accessory
and many other fixes wish you a pleasant game
a gift for the holidays from Diablo

in the rar file are included shelves
Mercedes MP4 slt
Wheels of this module
Skin mate Pauly is changed for a test I hope you do not mind
and a template for the Mercedes MP4 SLT that diablo



18 thoughts on “Mercedes MP4 4163 SLT Upgrade

  1. No working fog lights ???

  2. Falkon about what kind of light you mean?

  3. Bringln as you are already doing this video, please recharge all that is contained in the file download, because przesto you have no vending machine in the shop have red and skin so you have an old or not fit because it is a new template

    1. I did the video after this mod. But i haved some trailer and lights mods activated and maybe thats why i have red carpet

  4. Nice work Diablo! Do you have other project? If you not, try make a Kenworth T908. It’s a great truck. I have RTA Truck, but truck give my game run slow, because is HD…

  5. MikkelSmikkel

    Nice truck Diablo!
    Only thing I don’t like are the already selected lights.
    Are you going to change the roofgrill so we can select our own lights?

  6. maybe it will add a separate but it was specially made just for SLT as in real life

  7. Nice Job Diablo !

    Why, allt Trucks 8×4 ?

  8. Scaniadriver of rh trucking

    thanks for that diablo
    awesome work

  9. No mate i dont mind you using the skin for test 🙂

  10. Although the description says it has template included in the .rar file but the download is of a direct .scs file.
    P.S. I need the template for this truck 😛

    1. Same here i dont find any template to .scs file!!!!!

  11. Hi, can you please adapted for 1.14.2.?
    I tried everything, new profile and everything but unfortunately this one doesn’t work on my version.
    Thank you in advance

  12. template??

  13. Mods-User

    I like it, but i could use some more addons spots and more grills.
    But then again, i use to drive RJL Scania.
    (i have to say the mercedes is better to handle than RJL, RJL tip over in low speed (turns that should been taken with 80km/h) mercedes handles in more irl)
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Diablo could you sent another link please

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