Mercedes Ng 1632


– Adaptation to 1.26.x ETS2 game version.
– Standalone
– AO bake
– Wheels
– Cab DLC
– Flag DLC
– Pirates DLC
– Interior
– Tuning
– Sound
– Advance coupling

Venture 87, Stels, Sobral, Kirill 73rus, Equalizer


5 thoughts on “Mercedes Ng 1632

  1. RedDragonMK

    Great mod, but i have a few notes : First, the truck is waaay too expensive. Second: Some parts of the truck, both interior or exterior are too dark. Third : There are a console buttons that are not illuminated when the lights are on. Last but not least : Try to implement the Interior addons DLC …

    1. Martin Berhus

      How much it cost then in euroes?

  2. files are the 2016-06-18
    Now everyone will just change the name and a link to download

  3. The Red Huskie


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