Mercedes NG1632 Sound

Mercedes NG1632 Sound

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New Old Sound For Mercedes NG1632 Truck

Author: Texas22, Kriechbaum


12 thoughts on “Mercedes NG1632 Sound

  1. Ghostrider2800

    This is the Cummins 275 sound for the Peterbilt 351 made by Kriechbaum!!!

    1. MrTexas22

      Yes, reworked for a good sensation in Mercedes !

  2. ГАЗон какой то по звуку)))))))))))))

  3. Where to download this truck?Give me the link

    1. sorry for spam!I dont see well hahaha xD i dont know english

  4. Give me the download link of the truck

  5. simaozinho

    its not the first time he modified the Kriechbaum mods and put is name in
    Kriechbaum’s mods

  6. camion introuvable pour 1.18.3 version vous avez un liens

      1. merci

  7. NyyxfromMadagascar

    hey, can you adapt this sound for the mercedes 1853? it will be great, thanks

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