Mercedes O-400 RSD

Mercedes-O-400-RSD-1 Mercedes-O-400-RSD-2

YouTube preview

– More than 20 skins
– 1 chassis
– 3 engines
– 2 transmissions
– Own sound
– Some accessories

The stable version 1.23
Test on version 1.24

Authors: Julio Vega, Fabian Espinoza, Paulo Marcos, blinke, pg mods


5 Responses to Mercedes O-400 RSD

  1. EUmapmaster says:

    Test video please

  2. Jamaica West Indies says:


  3. Melanie says:

    mirrors don,t work 🙁

  4. KEFIR_TV says:

    HD Test Review on my YouTube channel KEFIR TV:кефирчиктв

  5. taylor says:

    Hi. The mirrors seem to have a texture problem Plus the wipers don’t wipe the rain off either apart from that good mod. But please can you fix those 2 problems?

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