Mercedes Pack LightPlus Multiplayer Ready 1.22x


All Actros Tuned with, Volvo fh16 750Hp, All accessories are already installed, you should just buy the truck and drive, have fun! By purchasing the truck with all accessories and saving the game
the MOD can be removed, and the truck can be used in multiplayer! PS: If you make changes to the truck accessories without the MOD installed, the game would crash. All changes must be made at the time of purchase, or before you remove the mod.



4 thoughts on “Mercedes Pack LightPlus Multiplayer Ready 1.22x

  1. can i request the mp4 1485 sound for the mp3 please?

    1. Mimmo_ITA

      add me on steam and see how to do, okay?

      1. Mimmo_ITA ™


        1. iv sent you a request on steam. i have tried to change the sound on other mods but had no luck, only worked with the MAN i think.

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