Mercedes S65 AMG 1.35 V4

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– Fixed crash

I personally prefer this modification if you want to drive really fast, also the vehicle usually doesn’t go out of control as is the case with other vehicles.

Hamza07502534, Nimit


4 thoughts on “Mercedes S65 AMG 1.35 V4

  1. Pénzes Tibor

    Can make Renault safrane, please? Thanks!

  2. Both engine 1 and 2 sounds are bad. The driver camera view is misaligned, not centered on the driving wheel. Control over the car is bad. Car accelerates slowly even with 800 hp compared to Maserati Levante with 582 hp.

  3. jayontheway228
  4. Engine sound are bad, the camera isn’t centered with the driving wheel and it doesn’t follow the car when I put the 3rd person camera. With the 500HP engine, the car is undriveable, I prefer ignoring what happens if I drive with the other engine. There aren’t any brakes, at 30 km/h, I need more distance than a truck that rolls at 90 km/h.

    I recommand you to choose an other mod if you want a “realistic” car.

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