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Version 5.0:
This is the last and final version i will do of this van.
Reason? recently
a fake V5 was released with nothing done to it.
This version does not have template but you can change the colour with will. i have decided to let you edit the van as you please but keep credits and make sure not to reupload fakes of this van!!
Version 4.0:
Fixed Wipers
Fixed speed’o’meter
Fixed fuel gauge
added Solo Fracht Mod from Szajbus71 to the archive so you can deliver loads
Version 3.0:
Added beacon
P.S i am aware of other bugs will fix them asap
Version 2.0:
– Added GPS on interior and exterior
Version 1.0:
This version has the wheels updated to 1.18
Also in this version there is a template once you skinned the template replace in it in the following folder –> Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1.18vehicletruckmercedes_benz_2009

Dragonmodz, Szajbus71, Stino , StockiMods, [email protected]


26 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter 1.18 V5

  1. Shogoon1984

    Nice work. But which file I have to repaint to get my company skin on it?

  2. Same errors as v4… I give up on this…

    1. DragonModz

      I would fix them but i just did the paint if you read i wont be fixing it anymore because of the fake v5 release

      1. Faelandaea

        That sucks. A lot of people here will probably freak out and beg to not let some faker run you off from doing what you like to do. But I won’t do that, because I know how you feel, and fully support you if you decide to quit uploading. The second a fully fixed version of this goes live, someone will slap it all over the net and claim it’s their own work.

      2. Your decision… in V4 i´ve tryed to help out with common def mistakes. But in this community help is not wanted, I got it…

        Most definition errors fixed, wheels fixed, sidelight added, no beacon (v2), useless sprinter folder deleted…

        1. Faelandaea

          As a modder I have always appreciated help. I think where he had the issue was someone uploaded his v4 mod, called it v5, listed a bunch of stuff that was not actually in the mod, and tried to claim credit. Happens all the time here and that’s what usually makes mod authors quit uploading (and some of us choose to not upload in the first place due to seeing it).

          That’s the one reason I have not uploaded any of my work save some signs to compliment another mod I loved. I know the moment I upload any of it, people will take it, re-upload it to their paid download spam/malware sites and use their own name on my work to try to make a buck from those download sites through ads, malware and spam.

          I think the biggest part that added to that fire was a friend of mine who uploaded a mod – a truck – custom made. Someone else added some ###### turkish #### to it and re-uploaded it without crediting him at all, and then everyone started saying that the second person was the original author and that my friend was full of it when he called him out on it. He still makes awesome stuff, but none of it will ever be seen here again.

  3. this is still a fantastic mod. iv skinned mines using the template from previous version to make the sprinter my companies service vehicle

  4. Faelandaea

    I finally got a chance to check this out. My game crashes the moment I try to visit a Mercedes dealer, but it was worth a shot. Long story short, you cannot use this mod if you have any other add-on trucks at all in the game.

    No harm, though – since this is a truck sim.

  5. DragonModz

    I will be giving community another chance by doing another mod but if this one gets stolen its bye bye public mods from me…

    1. Shogoon1984

      Can you please answer my question about the painting?

      1. DragonModz

        The skins dont show on the van when i try them in game i dont know why whenever i put anything as truckpaint the skins dont work

  6. windshield repaired?It is too bright

  7. That really sucks. You are a great modder and many people are happy that you improve the sprinter. and remove errors. Then one day a spoilsport is loading up a faked version. That’s grave but I understand you completely . Keep it up and don’t let you bring out from your concept. What are you going to release for next?

    1. DragonModz

      I wont give details for next idea in case someone tries copying

  8. Salut poti face si masina asta cu skin-ul de la posta romana? 🙂

    1. DragonModz

      no this is a different version of the van and skins dont work onit only standard scs colours

  9. nportegies

    I make this also along with regularity, I make a skin and other than dare to claim that it is him or whether it concerns a private skin. Only recently experienced. The administrator must convince behind this site I made the skin. My intention was to stop.

    I do not make skins more like one asking, sometimes as much trouble getting over you.

  10. the current version to remove the beacon from above or permanent?

    1. DragonModz


  11. #### , why stopping ?

    I used so much this van .. And i would be sad if it’s not uploaded to 1.19 and next ..

  12. Crash everytime i try to visit Mercedes dealer

    With or without mod


  13. dennis.domenici

    i like the mercedes-benz sprinter mod but with version 5 i have a small problem, someone told that it works fine in his game but i have a… how i can say it, harry potter van xD
    you can see it as well in my video above what i mean…
    can someone or the mod owners @DragonModz say me how i can fix it?
    my settings:
    my game config:

    for the future if there new videos linked my video:

    1. You’re in 1.18 or 1.19 ? look at this junk , why author don’t want to keep with his MB

  14. I don’t know how to download things on this website, any help? I can’t see a download button on the mod description page i made an account and everything.

  15. albertiitogg

    What dealer?

  16. okey

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