Mercedes Sprinter 1.18 with template V3


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Version 3.0:
Added beacon
P.S i am aware of other bugs will fix them asap
Version 2.0:
– Added GPS on interior and exterior
Version 1.0:
This version has the wheels updated to 1.18
Also in this version there is a template once you skinned the template replace in it in the following folder –> Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 1.18vehicletruckmercedes_benz_2009

Dragonmodz, Stino, StockiMods, [email protected]


16 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter 1.18 with template V3

  1. Have the rain wipers been fixed yet?

    1. He havn´t fixed that one but the log should be less more errorish

    2. DragonModz

      Wipers will be fixed when i know how to plus ill do the other bugs later

  2. Is it possible to make the rev counter to 5000 respectively 5, because then It’d fit better to the car and sound. Almost all of the sprinters are Diesel.

  3. Eliximus/TwitchTV

    Great , keep up good work , one of my fav. vans in ETS2 . Thank you , Mark.

  4. fix the gps is in the windshield

  5. Is he faster? Because a real Mercedes sprinter is faster!

  6. your a legend 🙂 could you possibly add 6 speed gearbox. with the 5 speed, the van has literally no pulling power in 4th and 5th with or without trailer. fantastic work as always though

    1. in you I see the movie beacons well only when I get that there’s not an option?

  7. Trailer?

  8. Could you please please please make a UK interior! I drive in the UK and would love to see this!

  9. DragonModz

    theres multiple version of it you #####

  10. DragonModz

    the other one is a minivan

  11. Tomas Festugato

    Hello, how do I install it? copy to /mods folder? will it replace any truck? how do I buy it? thanks!

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