Mercedes Sprinter Long 2015 v 0.9 BETA

Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2015-1 Mercedes-Sprinter-Long-2015-2

YouTube preview

Added more stuff as addons and also lighting on the side

Tested on 1.22
With solo fracht mode
Skin Pack
No damage mod

– No editing
– No unlocking files
– No reuploading
– You can share onto other forum but keep original link!!!!!

Authors: DragonModz, Klolo901, Raz0rMind, Diablo, SCS


8 thoughts on “Mercedes Sprinter Long 2015 v 0.9 BETA

  1. looking great m8 as always 🙂

  2. Zallamann

    Test on version 1.21.1s video HD –

  3. I have a major bug, the steering wheel and the lights are bugged..the steering wheel is fully white and the lights just dosnt exist….i played on 1.22 version,i have the game bought…

    1. DragonModz

      the lights are as an addon you have to chose them from addons options 🙂

  4. looks ######

    1. DragonModz

      kindly dont comment on my mods again if u dont have anything nice to comment

  5. Why are parts of the vehicle missing?

  6. Please can you upgrade this mod to version 1.27 because i like your mod!!!

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